Copper Products

Copper Products have a wide application in various industries. Our Copper Products are known for their high safety level and durability, making them widely used in different industries. If you require products with high resistance to corrosion, longevity and efficiency then our Copper Products are the right choice. These Copper Products are used for construction, wiring and many other purposes. Our range of Copper Products includes Copper Tubes, Copper Wires and Copper Rods. These Copper Products have wide applications in various industries across the globe.

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Copper Tubes

Copper Tubes manufactured by us are used widely in air conditioning system. The Copper Tubes are used in ACR industry due their inherent property of Copper metal. Our Copper Tubes are known for their enhanced efficiency, elimination of harmful emissions and similar properties.

Used In
  • Oxygen

Copper Wires

The Copper Wires manufactured by us are known for their purity and corrosion resistant nature. Copper Wires serve as a core material to various cable industries and are used widely as they are a good conductor of electricity. The Copper Wires offered by us have all the desired characteristics as they are made of


Copper Rods

We bring forth a wide range of Copper Rods in the national and international market. Our range of Copper Rods includes High Conductivity Copper Rods and Cadmium Copper Rods. Fabricated using high quality Copper metal, our Cadmium Copper Rods are very sturdy and have high strength. Copper Rods are commonly used in various